Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Adelaide Tradie of the Month September 2014—Australian Enviroblast

Mark Chiappin established Australian Enviroblast (AEB) in 2009 in order to introduce environmentally-friendly abrasive blasting services to Australia. AEB uses the Quill Falcon Precision Dustless Kwikblast® System, and Mark is also the sole Australian importer for Quill Falcon. You can learn more by visiting their Facebook page or going to the Australian Enviroblast website.

Abrasive blasting cleans and profiles all types of surfaces
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Can you explain what abrasive blasting is?
Abrasive blasting is similar to sand blasting in some ways, although the process that we use is different in that it’s actually wet abrasive blasting. This means that abrasive material is propelled at high pressure onto the surface that you want to be cleaned or profiled, and this strips away old layers of paint, rust and other contaminants but it leaves the surface clean and undamaged.

What do your clients use abrasive blasting for?
Abrasive blasting is great for removing rust, grease, paint, stains, or any type of coating or corrosion from just about any type of surface. It can also be used to smooth, rough up or reshape different types of surfaces and structures, and to create decorative finishes on concrete.

What sort of customers do you work with?
We take on jobs large and small. Some of our marine abrasive blasting work has seen us working on the Kangaroo Island ferry and other large passenger and container ships. We also clean and profile smaller fishing and pleasure boats.

We’ve also done a lot of work in the oil and mining industries, as well as lot of highways maintenance doing line marking removal. We also take on graffiti removal for both commercial and domestic premises.

Are there any Adelaide landmarks that you’ve worked on that people would recognise?
We worked on the restoration of the bandstand at Glenelg, which most people would know. And we’ve also done work at Adelaide University, as well as a number of public memorials around the city.

Is abrasive blasting suitable for use around the home?
There are plenty of ways in which abrasive blasting is useful for homeowners. You might want to remove rust and corrosion from steel structures, like a verandah or carport, or a garage. You might be looking to restore brick surfaces, or more delicate stone like sandstone or bluestone. Abrasive blasting can also get rid of oils stains and other discolouration from a driveway or patio, as well as architectural concrete.

Virtually any surface that needs to be cleaned or to have paint, rust or corrosion removed before you re-paint or re-coat it can be prepared using abrasive blasting, as the process leaves the surface clean, intact and in excellent condition.

In what ways is abrasive blasting environmentally friendly?
Any media that we use during the blasting process can be reclaimed, and so is the water that we use. Also, there’s no dust produced using our method and so there’s no environmental damage, nor do we use excessive natural resources. And because there’s little dust produced, it also means our process is extremely safe and requires no encapsulation, so other work can also be carried out at the same time.

Do you have a mobile service?
Yes, our mobile on-site service means that we can travel to our customers, and we also have a facility at Seaford equipped with blasting and spray booths.

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