Thursday, 1 May 2014

Promotion Opportunities for Adelaide Building Suppliers on Tradies SA

Adelaide Building Suppliers—Reach More Tradies on

Tradies SA is one of Adelaide’s most popular tradie listing websites. In the first four months of 2014, we’ve had almost 25,000 page views from over 1,700 users: 

Tradies SA page views Jan 1 - May 1 2014 
We also have an associated Facebook page with almost 4,000 Likers, and a Twitter account followed by over 400 people:

Tradies SA Facebook Likes at 1 May 2014
Tradies SA Twitter Followers at 1 May 2014
Adelaide building suppliers have the opportunity to take out a banner or display ad on for as little as $90 for 90 days. This provides an opportunity to reach more tradies directly in a cost-effective manner. We also have the option to list your business for free.

Tradies SA Banner Ad
Tradies SA Display Ads
To find out more, visit our website and get your business in front of thousands of Adelaide tradies today!